The Kids

We got Silas near my girl’s birthday in 1998. He’s the first fetching cat I’ve ever met. He will play fetch for hours and doesn’t understand that eventually we have to go to sleep. If I get him started before bed he will keep bringing his mouse to me and usually I’ll wake up to find it shoved under my pillow. He’s the very regal first born. He likes to look down on the world from the tops of the counters, refrigerator, or anywhere else that the dogs can’t get to him. He’s the first house cat I’ve ever had since I’m allergic to cats. The things we do for those we love!

Dexter came into our family after his mother got hit by a car in April of 1999 when he was only 3 days old. She survived but was too weak to nurse her kittens. We bottle fed him (along with his two sisters, Emma and Whoopi, who now live with my mother). We fell in love with him and couldn’t give him up. He was my girl’s special buddy. He followed her everywhere, would sleep next to her with his arm over her, and would hold her hand with his paw. He was a very fat cat and was with us until he passed away from kidney failure in August 2006.

Hamlet was a gift from my girl, he was my Easter Beagle in 2000. He’s half Beagle and half Jack Russel Terrier aka Jack Russel Terror. He has the best personality and TONS of energy. People are always asking how old our puppy is and they’re astonished when we tell them he’s 10.

Puck was adopted after Dex died to keep Silas company. He was a rescue and they think he was about 5 months old when we got him. He’s a bit cross-eyed but seems to be growing into his eyes, although we’re not sure how well he can see.

Kara was adopted from BREW in September 2006. They estimated her age to be 2 or 3. She is a very loving girl who is very appreciative of the home we’ve made for her. She has quickly joined the ranks of our very spoiled kids. Her favorite time of day is bed time and she likes to sleep snuggled up at the top of the bed between me & my girl.

R brought Salinger home from the grocery store the Saturday before Christmas. We weren’t planning on keeping him but after a week we fell in love. His mother was a golden retriever and his father was a black lab. He is a sweet boy and is very smart.


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