Our Sons

Baby A (V) was born at 9:11pm. He weighed 4lb 11.3oz and is 17.9 in long. Baby B (M) was born at 9:12pm. He weighed 3lb 12.8oz and was 17.3 in long. They are both over their birth weights now and are doing very well. They’re still in the intermediate nursery which is the less critical area of the NICU. They need to learn to eat and then they can come home. They’re nippling about 25% of their feeds. Once they’re at 100% for a few days they’ll be released.


I’m going to password protect a post with their names and photos. Email me for the password.

6 responses to “Our Sons

  1. I’d love the password if you don’t mind sharing it!

  2. Please may I have the password and again congratulations.


  3. could I have it, too, please?

  4. I would love to have the password also! Congrats on your baby boys!

  5. Would you mind sending the password my way? Thanks!

  6. Hi, Congratulations! I’d love the password, too.

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