Loooooong Overdue Update

I do apologize. I’m terrible at this blogging thing. I had way too much going on to keep up. Let’s see where did we leave off? March?! Seriously? I can’t believe that. I’ll do a monthly synopsis for the one person that may still be reading.

April: R traded morning sickness for night sickness. Severe reflux had her puking every night. Nothing helped, aside from sleeping while sitting in a chair. We had another scan & they still couldn’t find any soft markers.

May: The first bit of May was uneventful. The boys had fetal echoes and what they were able to see looked great. They didn’t cooperate enough to see their aortas so we had to have a 2nd appointment. They didn’t see any of the heart conditions associated with T 2 1 so we were happy. May 24th we went for an anatomy scan. The tech measured R’s cervix and thought it was short (it wasn’t, her cervix is curved and she wasn’t measuring along the curve) so the MFM (a new one) did a manual exam and pulled back a handful of blood. Then R started contracting and we were taken to L&D in an ambulance. 2 days later, when she started bleeding again, R was diagnosed with a partial abruption. She was placed on hospital bed rest for a week and then home for strict bed rest.

June: R’s restrictions were lifted and she was placed on modified bed rest. ┬áThe boys had fetal echoes and what they were able to see looked great. They didn’t cooperate enough to see their aortas so we had to have a 2nd appointment. On June 21st she started having some spotting again. We had a regularly scheduled US, NST & OB appt. Since the bleeding was light, she wasn’t dilated and not contracting they weren’t too concerned. They did note that her urine was concentrated and told her to drink plenty of water. On June 22nd she woke up with a backache. She hadn’t had any appetite for 2 days and only wanted to sleep. By 10 or 11am the backache was joined by pelvic pain. Around lunchtime the pelvic pain developed a pattern. She called the OB & they told her to come into the office. We saw a nurse practitioner around 5pm who examined her (still not dilated but contractions every 6 min) diagnosed a UTI & sent us home with a prescription for antibiotics. Around 6:30pm the pain was so bad that R couldn’t talk through the contractions. At 7pm I convinced her to call the nurse at the OBs office; this wasn’t a UTI. The nurse sent us to L&D triage. At 7:30, only 2 1/2 hours after her last exam where she wasn’t dilated, R was 5cm dilated. At 7:45pm when our OB arrived (our favorite one was on call) she was 6cm dilated. We were rushed into the OR and at 32w5d our sons were born. They’re doing very well. They’re in the NICU but only so they can work on feeding. They’re in cribs and on room air. They’re beautiful and perfect and I will post photos later.

5 responses to “Loooooong Overdue Update

  1. Wow! That’s a lot to cover in one post–I’m so sorry for all of the pain and trouble, but happy to hear that your boys are here and lovely and plumping up just as they should. Congratulations! I can’t wait to see pictures when you have a chance!

  2. Dude, holy update! Congrats on the birth of the boys! So excited to see pics and hear more info. :)

  3. Uhm, wow! Congratulations Ladies! Can’t wait for pics!

  4. Congratulations!! Anxiously awaiting pictures.

  5. Aww, I was just thinking of you the other day and wondering how everything was going. Glad to hear the boys are here and doing so well. Can’t wait to hear (and see) more!

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