Momma’s Boys

The ultrasound was great. My dad came along and cried like a baby. It was really sweet. We are having two boys! We are so excited. I love to watch them. The long ultrasounds at least once a month is the only great thing about all of our scares and high risk status. I could watch them all day. It’s so strange to me that they are already developing their own little personalities. A is very laid back and perfectly content that his brother is sitting on his head. He was so squished that we didn’t get a good image of him at all. Sadly, the only clear image of A from yesterday is of his pen!s. He was so proud of it. They were both wide legged and showing themselves off. I guess that is just the start of their infatuation with their boy bits.  I promise that there’s a baby in this photo. He is laying on his right ear and looking forward.

Baby A at 19 weeks and 6 days

B is a goof ball and has been bouncing off the walls every time we’ve seen him. We didn’t know that the tech was going to switch on the crazy 4D part of the machine. It took us completely by surprise and made R cry.

Baby A at 19 weeks and 6 days

We’ve have names picked out for a while now. R has actually had one of the names picked out for nearly 10 years. We aren’t sure which boy matches up with which name and have decided to meet them before we decide who’s who. This will not make our families happy at all! They can’t stand that we’re not sharing names before they’re born and won’t want to wait for us to get to know them before we name them.

The MFM didn’t see any s0ft markers. I was so relieved. He still didn’t reduce A’s risk of D0wn’s but did say that everything looks great. He thanked us for the opportunity to say that because, in his line of work, he doesn’t get to deliver good news very often. A’s heart is still a concern. They will both have fetal echoes in May. I’m going to try to forget about this until then and remember that the MFM told us that many multiples have echoes, not just ones with high nuchal measurements and histories of congenital heart defects.

A’s placenta is still very low and almost completely covers R’s cervix. The MFM was hoping that it would “move up” but it didn’t. They will recheck it at next month’s ultrasound but it looks like we may be stuck with the previa for the rest of this roller coaster ride. It means no attempts of the usual exit route. R didn’t want to even attempt that anyway because of her heart. The other possible complications scare the shit out of me but so does most of the things that have been happening since November 29th. We’ll get through this and hopefully will have 2 healthy moms and 2 healthy sons this summer.

One response to “Momma’s Boys

  1. Congratulations! Boys are the best. :-) I’m so glad you got good news! Hope the echoes in May are equally reassuring.

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