Just a Few More Hours

We have the second part of the Level II ultrasound at 1:45 this afternoon. My dad’s coming along and is incredibly excited to see his grandkids for the first time. He can be excited for the both of us. I’m mostly worried (aren’t I always). Dad’s not worried because he thinks that the purpose of the ultrasound is to find out the sexes. We haven’t told any of our family about the scares we’ve had. They don’t even know that there were once three. There’s no need to get them all worried until we know they have something to worry about. We’re hoping to get my dad out of the room before the MFM & genetic counselor come in to talk with us. The perfect opportunity will be when they switch from a pants on ultrasound to a pants off ultrasound. I bet you thought that we’d be done with pants off ultrasounds by now but no such luck! She has placenta previa and the d!ldocam is their preferred method to check on it. They’re hoping that A’s placenta will “move up” as her uterus grows. We’ll see today if that’s happening. If it doesn’t, it means c-section which is our plan anyway (because of R’s heart).

Five and a half hours to go. Soon I’ll know if we’re having sons, daughters, or one of each. Hopefully we’ll see healthy hearts and no soft markers too.

2 responses to “Just a Few More Hours

  1. i’m not making a sex prediction because i’m concentrating my energy on moving that placenta.

    i had to get dildocam’d throughout pregnancy, too, because of cervix checks.

    here’s to healthy hearts!

  2. I hope everything went smoothly and both babies looked perfect. Can’t wait to hear what team(s) you’re on! :-)

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